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Clean, Delicious Scent

My go-to candle! Zephyr burns clean, and has a subtly sweet scent that’s very fresh. Will always have one of these in my home.

Home Series: Sandalwood + Lavender

Hearth Collection: resin
Abbey Jones

Hearth Collection: resin

Laconic Collection: Bonhomie
Curiosity Clothing

Beautiful candles

Exemplary Customer Service!

I had a small issue with my candle and the service team were warm, helpful and wonderful to work with. Good peeps!
Oh...and the candle scent...11/10.

Very intriguing

I came across this candle at a friends place as she used to have a shabby chic shop somewhere near you… as she possess quite a few candles of this fragrance in her home in Alberta…. so I decided to treat myself to one…
its a soothing aroma …thank you

My go-to candle

I cannot say enough good things about this candle. I first bought it four years ago and fell in love. I try to branch out into other scents but just keep coming back to this one.


Love this candle... burns clean and whole house smells amazing!!!!

I haven't received it yet!


Amazing candles!!! Absolutely beautiful scent

Laconic Collection: Bonhomie
Dennis Ian Arbuckle

Laconic Collection: Bonhomie

Home Series: Yuzu + Birch
Green Bee Boutique
We love all the scents !

Not only are the candles beautiful, 🤩 they all smell amazing. I still can’t figure out which one is my fave ! Our clients are quite happy as well, with the candles from the Dark & Home collection.

Dark Series: Spruce + Amber

Dark Series: Spruce + Amber
Kelly Deck Design

Dark Series: Spruce + Amber

strong perfume smell

a bit too perfumy for my taste. Thought it would smell more like a forest.

Laconic Collection: Bonhomie
Vacation Candle

I went to Red Mountain in Rossland B.C only to be reminded of my vacation in Mexico with this candle. I know that sounds funny but this candle smells just like vacationing in a palapa on the beach in Mexico. There are multiple layers and each one brings more intense notes and opens the memory banks from vacation from years past. Highly recommend this one.

Livia Forte
Perfect Gift

We gifted this to friends and it was the perfect present! The high-quality items and elegant packaging were impressive.


I have purchased many Brand and Iron candles both for myself and as gifts and the consensus is the Tobacco and Vanilla is the BEST! The sweet and spicy is such a delightful combination. I burn a candle almost every night and my go to is usually T and V. In addition to the scent the design of the Brand and Iron candles is simple yet elegant and sleek. It’s an all round lovely product.

Dark Series: Tobacco + Vanilla
Elle Dakovic-Hutchinson
the only candle i’ll be buying

Bought this candle awhile ago, burned through it pretty quick. bought two this time to last me longer, worth the price. packaging is eco friendly and the clean burns clean, both were very important to me when buying. Won’t be purchasing another type of candle, the scent is so perfect! love this candle and company!

Burner Gold Series Tobacco + Vanilla
Susan Steeves
Gold Series Candles

Love the scent and the subtle light from these candles; so relaxing.


We really love Brand & Iron candles! The quality is ver good and they choices of scents are well balanced.

Like a tropical vacation in a candle

I love this candle so much! The fragrance is beautiful. I love burning it all summer long and it lasts forever. By far my favourite scent!

Gold Series: Tobacco + Vanilla
Bridget Bivens

This candle has a depth of smell and mystique that is intoxicating. It was given to me as a gift some time ago in the ceramic vessel, which I loved I could then use it as a planter. These candles are worth every cent.

Repeat customer

Beautiful candles, very well packaged with gorgeous scents to choose from.

Uplifting citrus

It’s a fresh, citrusy, and happy. It’s a very uplifting scent! I tend to gravitate to my diffuser during warmer months, but this is a scent that is great year round. And, as I find with all Brand & Iron candles, the scent fills the room without being overpowering. Love it!