Candle Care

Brand & Iron uses an all-natural, paraffin free, sustainable soy wax and a cotton, zinc and lead free wick.

Brand & Iron aims to be a sustainable company, using ethically sourced ingredients and minimal packaging to prevent waste. The "foam" we use to pack our candles safely for shipping is made entirely of a bio-degradable starch material that will safely dissolve in water. Our vessels are sourced from a manufacturer based in the USA who practice sustainable and renewable business practices. The vessels are intended to be reused or recycled.

Burning Guide: 

For optimal burning, we strongly encourage customers to trim their wick to 1/4" before each use, this will avoid smoke and overheating of the vessel. This can be simply done with household scissors. We also encourage our customers to straighten / recenter the wick if necessary after extinguishing. Carbon may build up on the wick causing the candle to burn hotter than intended if left untrimmed. 

Initial Burn: The first burn of any candle should be long enough for the top layer of wax to liquify. This will ensure that each subsequent burn is even and prevents the candle from tunneling.

Please never burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time. It is important to also discard the candle once 1/2" of wax remains at the bottom. Never under any circumstance should you burn a candle right to the bottom of the vessel. This will cause the glass to overheat and possibly break as the flame is too close to the bottom surface of the glass. It may also result in heat damage to the surface that your candle is resting on. 

Protect the surface on which your candle sits to prevent rings or damage to table tops. A plate or metal dish may be suitable. Only burn candles on a flat, even surface.

Candles have the potential to be dangerous. Please keep your candle safely away from any flammable objects, window drafts, pets and children.