Do you still sell Summer Love?

Yes! You can find it here.

Do you ever have sales?

Yes! Please subscribe to our mailing list here or Follow us on IG here.

Where is my candle?

Once your order has been packed you will receive an email with your tracking number and a link to track your package. You may also log in to the website and view your order history along with your tracking information online. If you are having further issues, please contact us at info@brandandiron.com.

Where can I shop in-store?

You can click on Stockist on our webpage to find a store located near you or visit the store locator page.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping costs are auto-calculated through Canada Post volume, weight and distance guidelines.

Do you offer pickup?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Why is my discount not applying to my order?

If your discount is not applying to your order, please exit the checkout page and review your order in the cart summary. If issues persist, please email us at info@brandandiron.com.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Please visit our refund policy page for more information

Are Brand & Iron’s candles all natural?

Our candles are ethically produced in small batches using sustainable ingredients and packaging. All of our candles are non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, and made without the use of parabens, phthalates, petroleum, or carcinogenic ingredients. We scent our candles with a combination of the highest-quality perfume-grade fragrance and essential oils on the market. We use 100% soy wax harvested from sustainable crops in the USA. Our wicks are made of lead and zinc-free braided cotton.

My candle was damaged, what do I do?

If your candle is damaged during shipping, please send us a photo of the issue within 48 hours of receiving your package and we will return or replace the same item(s) from your original purchase. 
For any other questions or further help, please contact us at info@brandandiron.com.

How do I safely burn my candle?

Please visit our Candle Care page.

Why isn’t my candle burning correctly?

Please visit our Candle Care page for more information.

Do you offer private/custom labels or customized scents?

Yes! Please email info@brandandiron.com with your request.

Do you offer a large order discount?

Yes! Please email info@brandandiron.com with your request.

How do I apply for a wholesale account?

You can click on Wholesale on our webpage or click here to fill out our form online.